My name is Dave Thomas, I am a strictly amateur but very keen wildlife photographer. I am very fortunate to travel the world with my job, this has taken me to many interesting places over the past 20 years but my passion is Africa. During my travels I try to make time for a day or two of checking out the local wildlife.

I have set up Ingwe Wildlife Photography to show some of the photos I have had the opportunity to take over past couple of decades. (Ingwe is Zulu / Xhosa word for Leopard) I have to admit that recently my interest in photography has taken a leap forward and with investment in better equipment I am hoping for a step up in my results. (I need to justify the cost somehow!!) Check out my current equipment within the equipment tab on this site.

My main wildlife interest has always been birding. However I have found that photography has expanded my wildlife interests greatly. However rare that little brown bird is, it tends to take back stage when faced with a beautiful Leopard!

I have also met and been assisted by many wildlife guides and experts during my travels. Any links on this site are personal recommendations for which I have no commercial connection.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos on this web site. For the past 3 years + all my pictures have been taken in RAW format although older pictures are in Jpeg. If any pictures are required I will happily provide them in any format I have. I will not charge for these but would request a small donation to the “Children in the Wilderness” charity. This is a charity I have supported for some years, helping children in Southern Africa, please see link for details. Donations can be made through the “Backabuddy” link.