I have recently updated this page as the previous information was several years out of date.


Having started with Nikon, I have stuck with this brand and I am very happy to have done so. I am sure if Canon had been my first choice I would still be using that. It is difficult to change brands with the high cost of lenses and accessories.


I started digital SLR photography with a Nikon D70, moving on to D200, D2x, D700, D4, D5, . My current cameras are the Z9, Z6 & D850.

The change to mirrorless has been a big step. Nikon has been left behind the likes of Canon and Sony. However, with the introduction of the Z9 Nikon has caught up and arguably overtaken the competition. One of my reasons for making the jump to mirrorless is the quality of the new range of lenses available for the Nikon Z mounts.

My remaining SLR is the D850, which is one of the best cameras ever made by Nikon. I have kept this to pair with my 500mm 5.6 pf lens. This lens is probably the reason many Nikon users have not changed brand and is many Nikon users favourite lens. However, I do expect to retire the D850 in the near future. I have found the Z9 an amazing camera and a total game changer for me. My ideal set up would be 2x Z9 bodies as I cannot find a weakness with them.

Current lenses.

Nikon 500 f4 ED-IF AF-S VR 11

Nikon 500 f5.6 pf

Nikon 300 f4 pf

Nikon 70-200 f2.8 ED-IF AF-S VR Zoom

Nikon 100-400 f4.5-5.6 Z mount

Nikon 105 f2.8 Macro Z mount

Nikon 14-30 f4 Z mount

Nikon 24-70 f4 Z mount

Nikon TC-14E 111 Teleconverter.

Nikon TC-17E 11 Teleconverter. 

My main tripod is a Gitzo 4552TS. This is not the perfect tripod but having 5 sections it closes down to a small size. I find this to be very useful when travelling. Gitzo tripods are very expensive but they are very good!

I have several heads that I use on this tripod. In the past I have used a Wimberley WH 200 gimbal, (I still haven't seen a better gimbal!) or a Really Right Stuff BH55 ball head. Again a very high price for this quite bulky ball head but if there is a better ball head out there, I haven’t seen it.

Over the past year I have been using a Flexshooter ball head. I was quite sceptical about this originally but I am now a big fan. When travelling it replaces the need to carry a gimbal and ball head.