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My name is Dave Thomas and I am a keen nature photographer.


I am very fortunate to have been able to travel to many interesting parts of the world. This has been partly achieved through my work and also through a lifelong desire to travel.


Although I enjoy viewing and photographing nature anywhere in the world, I have a particular passion for Africa. Within Africa, sub Zambezi counties have provided me with an immense amount of pleasure over the past 30 years. Having said this, in recent years I have had great enjoyment on photographic trips to colder places. Travelling inside the Arctic Circle, the Canadian Rockies, Yellowstone NP, Finland and nearer home in the Scottish Highlands has been fantastic.


Photography has been an interest from my first trips to Gambia, some 35 years ago. Much has changed with photography since then and the progression into the digital world has certainly made photography more accessible.


The name of Ingwe Wildlife Photography is a link to my African passion, Ingwe being the name for Leopard in Zulu / Xhosa.


My main wildlife interest has always been birding. However I have found that photography has expanded my wildlife interests greatly. However rare that little brown bird is, it tends to take back stage when faced with a beautiful Leopard!


I have also met and been assisted by many wildlife guides and experts during my travels. Any links on this site are personal recommendations for which I have no commercial connection.


I hope you enjoy some of the photos on this web site. For the past 15 years + all my pictures have been taken in RAW format although older pictures are in Jpeg. If any pictures are required I will happily provide them in any format I have.


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