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Having started with Nikon, I have stuck with this brand and I am very happy to have done so. I am sure if Canon had been my first choice, I would still be using that. It is difficult to change brands with the high cost of lenses and accessories.



I started digital SLR photography with a Nikon D70, moving on to D200, D2x, D700, D850, D4, D5.  My current cameras are the 2x Z9s + Z8.


The change to mirrorless has been a big step. Nikon had been left behind the likes of Canon and Sony. However, with the introduction of the Z9, Nikon has caught up and arguably overtaken the competition.

BIRDS 1.jpg


One of my reasons for making the jump to mirrorless is the quality of the new range of lenses available for the Nikon Z mounts.

My only remaining F mount lens is a 500mm 5.6 pf lens. This lens is probably the reason many Nikon users have not changed brand and is many Nikon users favourite lens.


I have found the Z9 an amazing camera and a total game changer for me. Due to a sequence of unplanned events, I now have two Z9 bodies. This is an ideal situation and I have both bodies set with identical settings. This, for me, makes it very simple, when switching from one body to another.


I keep a Z6 to use as a compact mirrorless camera, when not on a specific photographic trip and also for video work.

I have now replaced the Z6 with a Z8. This does all that the Z6 could but matches the quality of the Z9, in a smaller package.

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